HISTORY of The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc.

The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc.



Father Sinclair Oubre`

Founded 1936


Incorporated in the State of New York on November 26, 1963


National Constitution and By-Laws approved January 30, 1967

Amended: 1971, 1976, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2014,2016


General Preamble to the Constitution

"An adequate, efficient, prosperous MERCHANT MARINE is necessary for the naval and military safety and economic well being of the UNITED STATES."


Throughout the course of world history the seaman in general, and the Master Mariner in particular, have contributed immeasurably to the development of science, culture and civilization. The great discoveries, lines of communication, and commerce of the world have been developed by seamen and by commercial interests who were lead, counseled and directed by Master Mariners.


WHEREAS, the Master Mariners of the United States of America recognized the professional accomplishments off those who have preceded them, and,


WHEREAS, they, the Master Mariners, desire to maintain and enhance the professional tradition by continuing to advance the causes of maritime science, did in the year 1936, form THE COUNCIL OF AMERICAN MASTER MARINERS.


NOW, THEREFORE, The Council of American Masters Mariners declares its objects shall be to advance the causes of Maritime and Nautical Science by recognizing training criteria; accepting standard practices; fostering the exchange of maritime information and experience; encouraging the publication and study of professional literature; assisting in maritime research; assuming a public and impartial responsibility; and cultivating a continuing attitude of learning within the profession.


The Council of American Master Mariners is pledged to serve no personal or private ambition or interest but to promote broad general policies for the benefit of the national interest and of maritime endeavors.














Honorary Members:

VADM. Ralph E, Wilson USN (Ret.)*

Captain Frank O. Braynad *

Captain Charles Dana Gibson*

RADM Thomas T. Matteson USMS (Ret.)

RADM David Brown, USMS

RADM Richard Gurnon, USMA, Rtrd

Honorable Helen D. Bentley*

Honorable Elijah E. Cummings*

Ms. Davyne Bradley

Mr. Sean T. Connaughton

Commander Michael E. Henderson

RADM James A. Watson, USCG, Ret.

Captain James Robinson

RADM Lauren S. McCready USMS (Ret.)*

RADM Sheldon H. Kinney USN (Ret.)*

RADM Edward A. Rodgers USMS*

RADM Thomas A. Cropper, USMS

Doctor Shashi N. Kumar

RADM Paul Krinsky USMS (Ret.)

RADM Floyd H. Miller USN (Ret.)

Mr. James M. Baldwin

Captain Jan de Hartog*

Mr. Timothy Osborn

Mr. Gary LaGrange

RADM William J. Brennan, USNS

Chaplain Philip Hayes Vandercook

Captain Marci Alson Grady

Father Sinclair Oubre

RADM Mark H. Buzby

Mr. James R, Callahan

RADM Jack Buono, USMA


*   Deceased

Chapters Chartered:

Houston Chapter April 6, 1967

New York Chapter September 12, 1967

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Sept. 30, 1971

New Orleans Chapter February 25, 1975

Los Angeles/Long Beach Chapter Dec. 6, 1979

Seattle/Pacific North West Chapter May 26, 1981

Port Everglades/Miami Chapter January 31, 1984

Tampa Bay Area Chapter November 14, 1989

Hampton Roads/Tidewater Chapter Dec. 10, 1991

Baltimore/Washington Chapter December 11, 1991

Mobile Bay Area Chapter November 10, 1992

Columbia River Chapter April 15, 2002


Captain Paul C. Grening * 1937-1938

Captain Schuyler F. Cummings * 1939-1947

Captain William Ray Lawrence * 1948-1950

VADM Edward C. Holden USNR* 1951

Captain William McGuire * 1952-1953

RADM Leonard Frisco, USNR * 1954-1955

Captain Lawrence J. Hasse * 1956-1958

Captain John V. Redmond * 1959-1960

Captain Bernt J. Jacobsen * 1961-1962

Captain William W. Kuhne * 1963-1964

Captain James W. Maley * 1965-1966

Captain Cecil D. Davies Jr.* 1967

Captain Richard LePage * 1968-1969

Captain Edward Downing * 1970

Captain Stephen M. Seledee* 1971-1972

Captain Robert J. Wall * 1973

Captain Kenneth C. Torrens * 1974-1981

Captain Conrad P. Nilsen * 1982-1989

Captain Richard E. Manchester* 1990-1992

Captain Stephen E. Nadeau 1993-1995

Captain Warren G. Leback* 1996-1999

Captain Frank Zabrocky 2000-2002

Captain Charles E. Gedney* 2002-2004

Captain Thomas M. Bradley 2004-2008

Captain Cal Hunziker 2008-2012

Captain RJ Klein 2012-2016

Captain Jeff Cowan 2016-2020

Captain Cal Hunzkier* 2020 - 2021

Captain RJ Klein 2021 - 2022

Captain Joe Hartnett 2022 - Present

* Decesased